Hes Not Going To Let Go

ive been with a guy for almost a year.. i love him to death. he has cheated on me a lot. and he expects me to trust him again.. and he has went to jail alot because he didnt want to stop smoking weed. and he has intentions on doing it after he gets of drug court.. my best friend hates him.. its so hard.. if i try to break up with him he threatens he will kill himself, which i know he wont.. and he came to my house at 3am cause i wanted to break up with him.. and a few days ago my friend stayedat my house with me and he called cause i broke up with him and he was making noises like he was hurting himself. my friend said jus hang up and i started crying and she took the phone and went off on him and he said some badthings to him... my parents dont care about what is going on, my mother is on his side... i dont know if i can stay broken up with him. i know others have done it and i can but i love him and dont want to get used to anyone else. please help...
jessiexrae jessiexrae
18-21, F
Oct 18, 2011