I am broken I no longer believe in things like love I Loved you and you make me look like this horrible person to everyone  but I understand and thank you the man I am now knows better.Sure it hurts...... for a few months I'll turn off the phone sit and maybe even miss you a bit but after the pain passes you'll see the man I am I wont need you anymore I am doing my best to hate you but the pieces of a broken heart hold me back dont worry day by day the pieces get smaller and smaller until one day I wont feel the need to call you and beg for you to remmeber the person I am not the person you believe me to be. i write now to live to breath to whom ever reads know ever single word is born out of pain of my life
I am the man in the mirror who can not stand looking back at his only reflect I am the man looking at your picture in my phone I am the man whos knees are on the floor and hands are held tightly together asking for something that will never come I am me asoulwithoutapurpose
Soulwithoutpurpose Soulwithoutpurpose
18-21, M
Jan 28, 2012