Things Changed

I don't know when things changed, never thought that this would happen ! My life has been crap, but you are a beautiful dream.. You make me feel good, you make me feel perfect ..
When did things change ? I liked you coz you were a good friend,. but This is a different feeling, I still choke to tears when I remember what you said last night. I want to know the day our feelings changed.. I want to know the reason why we are connected..I want to know the reason my heart won't stop skipping beats..
You are dumb, you are stupid, but unfortunately you are you. I hate this feeling coz it hurts when one leaves. But I can't help feeling like this .
Thank you for being there by my side in all the hard times .. Thank you for sharing my happiness when I was delighted... thankyou for making me feel special... Thank you,
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3 Responses Jul 27, 2012

Can i just say ...its not to bright to call someone dumb and stupid. e
Especially if they are as wonderful as you are making them sound.

Ahh another ep member.