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Love Is Not Real

For one thing that I hate is love. Love in today's world is just hard core cold evil. You think its good well it's not. Love is only destroy my life and I have been in some relationships that they just leave me! Love makes me sick.
No body that I think would ever come to me. Its not that I am ugly or rude, it's just that I'm poor and starting to have lowself a steam. Like for a example is trwp dance was tonight and that's when a girl would ask a boy. So I got a clue and it only said "will". So I figure that maybe other clues would come later, but they didn't. It made me sad then later broke my heart that the girl who was going to ask me out ask a guy the was a jerk.
I hate love and no I'm not too young for it and dont feel sorry for because I know it's a lie. **** you world I'm sick of it! Love go to he'll! and you rich ******** better go **** off!
AGH22 AGH22 18-21, M 48 Responses Dec 14, 2012

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Trust me bro, it gets better. You've got a lot of awesome and pain to experience yet. It'll be a wild ride, but totally worth it. I promise. :)

I agree with you but for the opposite reason

I know how you feel. I felt like you when I fell in love with the perfect guy and he turned into a jerk.'s okay if you're not ready. Most people think they're ready but they're really not, because they don't know what love really means. They don't understand what love takes, and how incredible, pure and irreplaceable it is. And the reason they go around breaking peoples' hearts is because they don't understand how much love can hurt people. Very few people really understand love. But some people do. And those are the people everyone is looking for. Love is real. In a way, love is the definition of everything that is real.

I love you

I'm sorry for the hurt you must feel in your heart. I hope a nice girl will find you someday & sweep you off your feet. For now, just hang in there & live one day at a time. You will be alright. Please take care.

That's because you haven't found true love. I hope you do someday, since hardly anyone seems to find it these days...

Just give it plenty of time. It will get better

You are saying that because you're hurt. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe that happened to you so that in the future, you wouldn't be one of the pathetic couples who will get divorced just because one cheated or they're sick already. Maybe this happen to you so that when you met that partner, like all of us, who you wish would love you no matter what, you would be prepared. You will not easily break or will easily decide to get divorce because you experienced pain already more than that. And with that, your children would not be like those, sorry for my word but this is true, most screwed up kids. And maybe, you might guide your children so they would not experience the way you did. Never stop believing in love.

i feel the same way too

I'm pretty sure everyone in this world hates "Love". Love these days is evil and selfish, and rude.

But true love (which I blindly believe in) isn't like that. Or at least that's what I hope. True love could never hurt anybody, it's real and faithful and kind. It's what bring the little light in the this world. And I'm not even talking about romantic love, any TRUE LOVE is good love.

What you are experiencing isn't love. When you feel love, you'll know it will never hurt you.

u are right bro destroy everything only beautiful between husband and her wife is bad between boys and girls...i can tell every one ,i love you like my brothers and sisters ........beleive me u are good boy .u are strong..dont let any girl and boy hurt you...dont show anyone that you you are weak cause they will be is woderful ...........u are strong..........

there is no reason to hate love HATE is a big word and well you will never get anywhere with hate trust me you are young and well have a whole life ahead of you be yourself be happy just because that girl didnt ask you out then its her lost and that boy who is a jerk his karma will come you need to keep your head up and live life to the fullest..just because you are poor?that is no reason i am poor as well and well guess what i dont feel poor why? because i got my mom my sister my health even tho i am no so great n health myself but at lest i can walk around cook and everything i mean there are kids out there that have cancer that cant walk that cant do nothing all they can do it watch the world form a hospital window, but you do you have any of that? i mean this kid would just love to even have a chance to explore the word and love whom they please they would like an "illusion" at keep your head up

Oh my gosh! You have been really badly hurt!
Aye love can badly hurt you, because you open up yourselve to the person you love so deeply that the " fall" is hard and brutal!
I wish you that one day the person comes along that loves you without looking where you come from and what you have!

**** love? No. **** the person who made you think that.

I'm a cynical ***** about love and intimacy and sanity and the world in general. But, kid, you need to lighten up. "hating love" for some chicas and chicos who brush aside the good guys to find the ******** and ******* is pointless. Don't be spiteful and hateful because of them. Forgive them, not for them, but for yourself. You will find someone who laughs with you and cries with you and stays with you when you need it most. and when it does happen you will look back on this and think "how could I ever have felt like this when I had this great person who was going to come into (or was already in) my life?"

Ohhhh u will be fine but that is how i feel when i cant find love but jerks can

Hey dnt think like that, you just haven't met the right girl yet. I know it doesn't seem like that but it's true. Love is real you just have to find it

Love is a privilege that you get and you shouldn't let it go. If those relationships didn't work out it's because you haven't met the right person, but he or she is out there and don't worry about finding him/her give it some time and later on they will end up finding you. Don't give up on love because its not love's fault. Our lives have been planned out for us even before we were born and don't let your self-esteem be affected because it's their fault for not noticing what a good person they are hurting. And how are we going to make the world a better place without having love in our lives? Love is a key to open doors, you just have to find the right door. After, that the road will be bumpy, but try your best not to fall. If you do someone will be looking out for you and will help you back onto your feet.

i dont mind wot u think.
its up to u
no judgement
have fun!

You'r 100% right.


Oh my f*ckiing god dude, suck it up and please dont say you "hate" love you oviously dont know or at least have never experienced REAL love. I mean you, in your own story, showed that you think love is about stupid school dating and CRUSHES otice how i said CRUSHES you freaking idiot kids. CRUSHES not love dont mistake the two, maybe youve never had a good example to work of off. But please dont say you hate love when so many else are actually dealing with LOVE and not stupid crushes and highschool dating. Most of these members are still in high school or middle school. Guys dont act like you could ever know or understand whaty true love is and dont think just because she/he gave yu a smile and you think hes "sooo hawt" that you are in love. ITS A CRUSH. HORMONES. get over it and dont you dare go around bad talking something you have no even vague idea of yet lol, although this did give me a good laugh.

Sorry for what you have been through. I experience times when I do not like love but I would say do not give up on it! I know I am not giving up on it, love is real and it does exist, do not let it go.

Sorry but I don't agree. Love exists, it's just become harder to find...

dont give up just yet, love is out theire

for me, love is not just for my boyfriend or my husband (in future, cz i'm single now).. i don't even know about love like that, because honestly i haven't been in love with someone before. but i believe that love is very important and beautiful .. my family love me, my best friends love me, nd i'm sure that God loves me abundantly.. that's enough for me to loving others.. good luck, i wish the best for u.. :)

lol you're 17. That should say it all.

One day you will know the difference between real love, hate, joy, despair, etc and what simply makes you have a hissy fit when you're a bratty teenager. Then you will yearn for the days when you THOUGHT you knew it all. Good luck with that "growing up" stuff :)

I care, Its important **** you too This touched me alone with how many others ... But if you wnat me to ignore you and call you scum fine whatever tickles your **** ..

I've gotta say, what you're explaining right here isn't even close to love. That is a crush and disappointment...You don't date someone because you love them, you date someone to get to know them and to fall in love with them. You MARRY someone you love, not before. I dated by fiance for several months before we even said "I love you", before that we had liked each other very strongly and decided to peruse more.