Hate Is a Word I Must Use


Hate is a word I must use   Love it latterly all around from in music to artworks and even architecture but I hate it. I’m sick of the feeling it makes me feel. I never have been loved back the way I give it out. I just want to know why? What’s the point? Really deep down behind everyone’s cotton coated crap love is just for sex, we have been led to believe that love is more than that it’s an emotion that cant be described. But all it leads to is sex I haven’t met a couple yet that haven’t had sex without saying love. See love + 2people = sex that’s all it is, well okay there are the rear few people that do love that know what it is to love but I’m sure they are all in this group because their big overflowing love hearts have been broken witch makes people hate love. Some are lucky and have found someone to love them back the way they love them.   I have been used many, many times and in all cases I come out hating love. it just grows with every a**hole I fall for. soon I’m going to be so lost in this hate I’m not going to know how to love again I will just be consumed with it. I have had experiences where I am someone with a weakness, someone that can have their heart broken. All because “I wanted to know what it felt like” yes its true someone wanted to break my heart because it happened to them. They wanted to know how it felt to crush someone. Let me tell you it was I think the worst I mean ******* worst feeling that has ever, EVER happened to me. It made me so sick to the stomach that someone could do that to another person. Then I’m suppose to “get the **** over it”? Wtf! seriously you need to look at what you have done. Then maybe just maybe you would understand what it feels like.   Then I fall for people that don’t want me back. There is nothing wrong with this seriously its okay. You sometimes feel like an a**hole because you don’t feel the same but its something that you can’t help. I now understand this. But if you lead them on because you can then it becomes a bad thing. So make sure to spear someone else’s heart make it clear at the beginning not after they have fallen. Sometimes you cant help it I know but you have to stop it.

so yer hate is a strong word but its a word i must use... because well like the rest of us i hate love

fallenchild fallenchild
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 8, 2009

Well you do realize just because you like someone in school or you think they are cute and nice to you doenst mean you are in love with them. I do understand where you are coming from but you say you must use hate against love? No because it isnt love when you barely know each other. I see you may actually be looking for some form of love at least but i also see that you dont quite understand that not everyone is mature enough for it some arent even in their last years. But you are young and i dont think you are going to find anyone looking for that for a while. just try to restrain yourself from saying you hate something you have never understood or felt before because thats just ignorant really.