Left At the Alter

i have known her since junior high, but we were just mere acquaintances. after i graduated from college i moved back home and we ran into each other and pretty much both fell head over heels. we dated pretty seriously for over a year before we moved in together. we talked about marriage a little but both decided we wanted to get our careers off first. last year for our thirtieth birthdays, we were born three days apart, i planned a holiday for us to italy. i wanted to propose to her but i think she knew so instead i phoned our close friends and family to meet us at the airport when we flew in and i would propose to her in front of everyone. it was perfect; she thought i was going to propose to her in italy and was disappointed that i hadn't only to confirm the way i did was better than any italy proposal because the people we knew and loved were there to witness. fast forward a year, the wedding planned perfectly to the T how she wanted her day to be which my mother has paid for everything for this day and even my sisters both agreed as they planned this all out with her the past year not once did she show any doubt. we had over 300 guests here for this day. i myself never had any doubt, i knew she was the one. when asked if she would take me... no answer. asked again she said no. i have been destroyed. she ran out the church and about an hour later i get a call from her best friend/bridesmaid saying the reason: she met someone on eharmony about three months ago and even though they have never met face to face they chat and talk often and she has determined that we are not as compatible as her and this other guy. her friend was shocked too and swears if she knew about any of this she would have not let her take it all the way to the alter. this all happened about five hours ago, i'm siting alone in the hotel we were to check into before we went on our twenty day european non-refundable honeymoon. i have never felt so lost and out of control of my life like this before. i hate love

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Wow awesome :) Jilted at the alter!! so sad to be real :p.....