Love Is A Four Letter Lie

i'm definitely hating love right now. it makes me depressed and i am stuck in a state where i am so distressed. yes it gives you warmth and joy, laughter, sweetness, bla bla bla... but really when the one you love hurts you, the feeling is so sinking you wished you didn't even exist. first 3 months, i call them the sweet months. everything appears to be so wonderful to you cause the person is head over heels with you and wants to be together with you like all the freaking time. yes true. then come the next 6 months, you start to butt head each other slowly. then come a year after that, before you even know it you hate each others gut. so tell me, why are so many people out there looking for love... let love come to you. don't jump into conclusion that the one who gave you that butterfly feeling is the one for you. sometimes you can be so wrong and you can't even turn back cause you have fallen so deep. don't love a person more than they love you... unless they have shown it to you that they are capable of loving every bit and flaws of you.
LovelessAdvocate LovelessAdvocate
22-25, F
Jul 12, 2010