I Don't Hate Anyone.

Yes, I really dislike her but hate is  a strong word. I think she started off well is the business and did pretty well when she came back singing 'hung up' and the justin timberlake song was pretty good and her early stuff too. but what has got me pissed about her is the fact she thinks she can be the queen of all music. She has said a nasty comment towards lady gaga who idolises her and also dresses far from her age. If my mother wore half the things she does, I wouldn't know how I could show my face in public. Its embarrassing! Her latest music is terrible. Like, there's just no effort in it. The song "MDNA" oh please.  She made money from it because she sang it with a modern singer, Nicki Minaj and because she wore a skimpy little outfit. She is over 50 years old and she should start dressing that way. I'm not saying she has to result to looking old, but dressing like a ******** is just terrible. I think she should have just ended her career gracefully, but she's finishing it on a bad note. If she matures a bit and stops being "oh I'm too good for you and I'm too rich and too famous" blada bla bla. She's lost me as a previous fan.
BeingHonestere BeingHonestere
May 17, 2012