Why Making Plans Can Be Kinda A Drag...

So I googled "hate making plans" and came upon this site.  Interesting that there's actually a group with this name, small though it seems to be at this time.  So what' the deal with making plans?  Something about it bugs me.  The difficulty is not knowing at this time if I'll feel like doing whatever at a time in the future. I think this might be because I value my time alone, and plan-making commits one to a chunk of time when I might find myself actually preferring to be alone instead of with people.  Making plans seems to be at odds with spontaneity.  I guess the ideal is to see how one feels on this day - now, and seeing what you want to do in the moment.  This being said, making plans is certainly much, much easier with people you like and feel comfortable hanging out with.  When it comes to perhaps oh, say, certain family members, or maybe co-workers, or various others in general, it might a different story.  This seems to also be a characteristic of so-called "highly sensitive people" which also was referenced when I was searching for this preference.  Well, power be to those of us called to walk the road of a sensitive human.  To feel deeply is to be alive.  It may not always be pleasant, but discomfort can lead to deeper experience.  To live for your true Self is what it's all about.  What say you my friends?
mystickal1 mystickal1
31-35, M
May 13, 2012