Male Chauvinistic Pigs.

Chauvinist definition - A man whose behavior and attitude toward women indicate a belief that they are innately inferior to men.


Because men that display chauvinistic tendencies are pigs(sometimes I feel sorry for them).

Picture this, the woman at home slaving away over the cooker whilst the man sits on the couch with a ten ton belly, 'when's the dinner ready, its been an hour already'. This is the kind of male that needs a mum because they havn't grown out of little boys socks yet and still need mummy(wife) to wipe their bottom.

Then you have the, 'I think women should wear blister burning shoes and must look immaculate at all times in order to earn my respect'. This is something to do with the way their father treated their mother, its in the culture or whatever, but to look down upon another human being because they won't inflict pain upon themselves almost says, 'I need a swanky woman on my arm in order for me to look the part', the looks have taken priority.

I think alot of these chauvinistic men secretly find women intimidating. Woman are an intelligent species, so often so, we are frequently labelled manipulative etc. But we are beautiful in our own right. But in psychology terms, men that have not grown apart from their mother into a fully fledged adult are the one's that need a woman to look after them, its a mother-baby scenario, you take the woman away or she ends the relationship, rest assured, that woman will be replaced, its a nurture thing.

But back to men being intimidated by women, if the man was secure in himself, he wouldn't need to put a woman down, would he? He has nothing to be afraid of, but the emotionally inferior thinking man needs to exert power over a woman, thats his chance to have control in a space of intimacy. A chauvinist is an emotionally weak man.



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Men are just dominant. It doesn't mean they are insecure. They like to control women and derive as much pleasure from our bodies as possible. And really, can you blame them? There's nothing wrong with it.

Well my husband is a huge Mcp who refuses to lift a finger when it comes to anything out of his comfort zone; baby, dishes, housekeeping etc. Anytime he is asked to help, he will claim busy when all he's doing is actually twittering. N if I push him a lil more he gets frustrated n says that d weekends r his rest days.

My favorite example was the time I worked at a car dealership as a saleswoman I was 20 years old and managed to sell more cars in my first couple of weeks than any of the experienced sales men. Because my intention was to continue school, I had to leave the position but not before I heard, that's not how it works around here sweetheart you're playing with the big boys now it's a mans world in this business. HAH right.....

Great Post.<br />
My father has no respect for women, and I am pretty sure it is because his father (my grandfather) had no respect for women and I am guessing he would act on that disrespect with my grandmother. My father has been married three times, and for the past 2-3 years he has been in and out of MANY relationships. Sometimes he would get serious with a women, and things seemed good, but he would manage to ruin it. His last wife (my use to be stepmother), well, I really really loved her. She was liberal, and of course my dad is conservative. Well, they had good times, but my dad is extremely controlling, and he was trying to rule over her. So of course it didn't work out.<br />
<br />
But not only it effecting his love life, it is also effecting his relationship with his children. 3 Daughters... lol. All three of us have many issues with him, and it mainly boils down to him having no respect for women. <br />
Another thing is, he won't fully admit to it. But his comments and actions speak otherwise.