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I have a 30 year old daughter that has destroyed any kind of relationship with me because she is so manipulative. The worst thing about it is that she has taught her oldest daughter to be the same way, not to mention manipulating my mother and other family members. Everything has got to be her way or no way and she is always the victim. I am free of her now and she can't stand it so she tries with her siblings. I just wish they would wake up and realize how toxic she is to them also.
After she had her 3rd child, I had given her a car so that her whole family could actually go somewhere together with the stipulation of getting it back when she didn't need it anymore.(It was a very good car) She had it one month and sold it to her mother-n-law for only $1000. She claims she needed the money. I didn't speak to her for 2 weeks and she was the one that spoke first, but I still have not forgiven her.
I live 150 miles away from my family and when I go to visit, I only go to my mothers and she expects me to drive all over the county to come see her also and won't even drive the 150 miles to see me. The last time I visited she knew three days ahead of time, said she would be there and called me at my mother's wanting me to stay overnight because she wasn't going to come to my mother's the day I was there. I refused and haven't seen her since.
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Yes it would.

Glad to know I can help somebody. I wish you much luck. Thank you for the comment.

I'm sorry to hear that and I feel for you. The main thing people need to remember about manipulative people, is that they're usually the "victim" when the real victim is everyone around them.<br />
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I congratulate you on your courage, I will soon have to leave my home for a similar reason and your story helps give me strength.