It Ruined My Life & I Never Smoked It.

Weed took me from being the happiest person on earth to the bitterest in a day. It not only ruined my relationship because of my pure refusial of letting my boyfriend smoke, it also ruined alot of my friendships. You would not belive the things that people would go through, to protect and defend weed just for a couple hours of a high. I hate the people that persuade innocent people to smoke and I hate who ever invented it.
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I know how you feel. There is a guy I really like, but he smokes weed. I couldn't change him, but I made it clear that I didn't want it around me period. No smoking it around me, don't have a stash around, I don't want to smell it on your clothes, or taste it when I kiss you. He doesn't smoke it often, so it was no problem for him. My mom, however, she grounded me and keeps me away from him because of his weed smoking. I mean i agree, I really don't like him smoking it, but I can't help the fact that he's great in every other way.

I am with you girl. One of my friend has a son he is only 16 he started using it when he was 13-14. He stopped going to school. For days he does not show up his mom has to call the cops to find him. He stole money he stole car so that he can smoke weed. The school and the doctors are fed up with him. His own brother does not want to live in the same house with him.

Your friend is a criminal because of social influence, and the people he chooses to associate with. You are lying by omission when you fail to mention the fact that his parents probably just suck. Maybe he needs a better role model or something.

That, and marijuana can lower inhibitions in some, especially developing brains

Why do you hats God he put it here

god also put poison iv are you gonna eat it.

plus why does anyone need to use something illegal to get high. why do you even need to get high