Now That It Is Legal In Washington It's Like Another Kind Of Consumerism Yeak!

I believe in the rights of others and saving Tax Dollars with the Law Enforcement when they used to be going about trying to arrest people on petty sins. While it actually should help support better Law Enforcement where it should be at. Than on the petty sins of others, So I did Vote to Legalize this.

But for me. I could careless. It's not for me (My Thing) and I never liked the smell of it when I ran into Military Navy Guys (In my past life) in the 1970's. Grossed Me Out.

I hate smoking of any kind really. I had to deal with my Father and Mother Smoking regular cigarettes. I hate being around Smokers. Just Not For Me.

So meanwhile, as I try looking for News (???) ... (This time period: December Friday 7, 2012) ... It's like the Holiday Hype and Black Friday. Hearing how so many people are going to Splurge Now on it as it is Legal.

I really do wonder if it really allows people to have a rational and sane mind?

I hope I don't run into people making mistakes around me. I will not like that.

Tattoos are not for me either. I like good health. But a controlling society doesn't allow for (Us) the people to find what we can do for our better health either as for an individual who knows best about themselves.

So as I try respecting others, I like to have my ways respected also.
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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

I used to be completely pro Marijuana, until I realized one simple fact. It doesn't allow you to fulfill your potential and it causes extreme anxiety when you are without. I literally wasted years of my life smoking and goofing around. Now I know that it's my fault and I take full responsibility, but I think that we are going to see a huge loss of productivity and an increase in mental health problems in Colorado and Washington.

I've struggled with anxiety and stress all my life and can't reach my potential's. And it doesn't have anything to do with a drug.

I am for it being legal too, but there are problems on both sides of the issue too.