Are Liars

These people of are definately the biggest liars(in my experience)of my life!!! I saw the commercial and they pretty much have mostly blond women and good looking guys. I have black hair and eyes, and I'm caucasion. They paired me up with the men of my nightmares. and when I wrote complaining, they didn't either respond, or ask for money, or even worse, TOLD ME TO LOWER MY STANDARDS!
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5 Responses Oct 6, 2012

Yes and they want u to give them money just to get in touch with somebody !!! Crooks!!

This site sucks period

I am sick of my friends on it. Now that they are divorced it is all about their winks, likes, private messages and sexting pics. Grow up

never lower your standards!!! what do they know they shove some info into a computer... do some things you like, go to a movie, take a walk go to a restaurant you want to go to ... buy yourself something... i know its hard ... its lonley alone...

Thank you! But I am seriously thinking of suicide. I was called ugly all my life and even though it won't solve these dating sites calling me ugly with their matches, but I won't hurt anymore, and I won'r get called ugly anymore! What really gets me angry in when some yo-yo says there is someone for everyone, if that's true there wouldn't be single people!