I Have Been Told That Money Is Not One of My Top 5 Priorities

This is so true....I know I have the potential to earn much more money, but I am pretty content....All I want my extra money for is for travel and some savings.I travel now(being an ex travel consultant) I know how to find the best deals that I need, or who to ask to get them.

I find many people who have money always seem to want more...Everyman to his own.

I was pretty well off once,,and I've hit a a financially challeneged spell....But now I have a comfortable roof over my head a garden, a pet and  food.  As long as I am careful..I can still take an occasional trip.

So I work, part time doing what I want when I want....In the time I want...I'm over 60 and I've earned the right to relax.

I now know the difference between WANTS and NEEDS.   Maybe its just that less makes me happy???? God supplies all I need, and surprises me with things I didn't know I wanted. 

csan csan
61-65, F
1 Response Jul 17, 2007

I like what you said here. Esp. the last part. ;-)