Bad Math Teachers

In 7th grade I had a substitute the whole year because my former math teacher decided to move away only to return back a year later. In 8th grade I had someone with a heavy accent and learned little to nothing just barley passing. In 9th grade I had another heavy accent teacher who did not speak english well trying to teach me algebra. I liked them as individuals but I just couldn't understand them and their technique from what they were saying to the way they assigned work. And since then I've hated math.

And also to add to that I was real insecure as a kid to ask help from the teacher because I felt like an idiot and it was fustrating.

Because of those experiences I hate math. I'm not good at it, and when I try I feel like my effort has gone to waste just to try and achieve a C or D plus on a math test so I can pass a class. Its tiring getting my hopes up for a good grade and getting a C-.

However, I've exceled in all my other studies. Love literature. Love history. In conclusion I've just accepted the fact that I'm just not a math person.

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2008

It is not too late to learn the basics that should have been taught in 6th and 7th grade. I'm sure community colleges offer courses in those topics or there are plenty of online resources if you are motivated enough to do it on your own.

Math is the base for all science and technology. It is essential to our society and though you might not NEED it in your job or career, it might come in handy. You might also find it plain old interesting!!

There ya go, atleast you excel in others!