I never was very good at math in any grade I was in. Beyond the basics of adding and subtracting, anyways.

I was forced to learn a lot of math recently though because it was part of my first semester of computer school... for academic reasons. It's not like I'm coding binary, so 1+2+15+-50(4x3)+-2 really isn't necessary!

I found that I'm am capable of learning this stuff, but it hurts my brain very much and I usually end up with a migraine and feel like crying after I've done a worksheet or test. Most math is useless to us normal people. Let the scientists and astronauts learn it

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maybe if i had better history teacher...i would be interested in it... but my fav is biology.. :D

I love history! I can sit and watch the History Channel for hours. Math I can only tolorate for a few minutes.

hehehe... i dont like trigonometry...sinus, cosinus, tangens...cotangens....and more...... aaaah.... but more than maths i dont like history....hehe (at least with our teacher) lol

It has emotion... The emotion of anger and then sadness as the numbers steal your soul!!