Math- An Allergy

I have Math allergies. I feel tickled, sweaty and nervous when the Math classes comes. I am horribly terrible in maths and I don't know why. I get good grades in all subjects with the exception of math. I always get scolded in the class. Always I the only one to get humiliated in front of all because I couldn't solve math problems. There was one incident in grade six when I got a bruise in my right leg when I failed my math exam. My friends made fun of me called me a loser.I cried no one but understood me. I hated them since they got good grades in maths. My grades had declined since then. I tried a lot and I failed every time. I lost my family's faith in me. They thought I was useless. I don't want to recall those humiliating moments. I hated math then and I'll always hate it.
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18-21, F
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

There is hope! I failed math in middle school, and high school, and had to go to summer school two different years so I could graduate. Why the educational system makes kids endure advanced math (geometry, calculus, algebra, etc) is beyond me! Other than basic math, you to not need all the other unless you are going into a technical field. You do not need it to be an English teacher, a librarian, a beautician, and many, many other professions. The educational system requires you to be good in 5 subjects to graduate, and I found in real life you only need to be really good at one or two of them to be successful. I built a chain of businesses consisting of 5 car parts stores in two states, 2 memorial gardens, and even a body piercing shop all without using a single algebra, geometry, or calculus equation. And when I was your age, I too was called a "loser." Now what I have done did involve working by butt off and making good life decisions. I didn't do drugs, smoke, or drink, and I worked night and day to achieve my goals. Since you are a girl, don't get pregnant until you have a career established! My reward? A couple of years ago I was asked to be the speaker at my class reunion. You know what one of the things I said was? "When we graduated, they had the smartest person in the class to speak. Now at our 40th reunion, they've asked the dumbest guy in the class to speak." Manage your life well from this point on and you can have the last laugh!