Invisible Imaginary Number Called I...

Sometimes I'm given a polynomial where I think the answer is some weird negative square route, so "No Solution."

WRONG!@# There's an invisible imaginary number called i which jumps out and beats me in the face over and over.

So I think I'm doing my math fine until the end of the problem, as it turns out I did the thing wrong because that imaginary invisible number jumped out and beat my face in without me knowing..


Why is learning the imaginary invisible number a requirement for getting an psych/art degree? Required? I'll never use this piece of information in my daily life. "Oh hey! You know if you just multiplied that equation by i^2 you'd be less crazy, here's paint."...?

Raaaaaaaaaaah @ math!

senmetsu senmetsu
22-25, M
Mar 16, 2010