Hate Or Scare?

I hate MATHS may be because I am SCARED of it. But I have all reasons to Hate or GET scared of it. Let me take you to another era....I was in Tenth Grade and I was aware of my weak performance - year after year in this subject where they say you can score cent per cent.

So...here I was putting all my strenght and concentration to make my parents proud of me. In my part of the globe - Tenth Grade results gives you ways for your future choice of subjects that lead you to be in various streams such as Humanities, Science, Commerce etc. So I had to study hard for the sake of my future course of actions in life.....and took the Examination. 

And the day was not far when the results were declared. I got 16 out of 100. Yes...SIXTEEN OUT OF HUNDRED. I was shattered so were my parents. But as a sensible son and a sensitive guy..... I consoled my parents and asked them for money to appear for an improvement exam, an opportunity available for 'confident students' like me. So....after paying the required amount for the Re-Test I once again started working harder to get some marks that would save my and my parents lost reputation. I also went to study and stay in a hostel with a friend of mine for 3 months. He was good so I too expected to get influenced by him and come out to be a winner. However - after putting all my strenght, there I was in the examination hall once again taking Mathematics Exam. I did write it - and results came out earlier than expected. I was devasted to see that after working this hard for three long months I, this time I got 19 out of 100.... yes....NINETEEN OUT OF HUNDRED.



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Dear EP.<br />
You are quite right in judging me, I am fantastic in most of the things I do and very very good in some that really matters to most...hahaha.<br />
Thx for writing.<br />
Take care

You must be fantastic at something else. After that experience, I can see why you would hate the subject :-)