Can't Get It Right.....

Today is a very gratifying day.  I finally have given up McDonalds for me and my family.  It's probably a good thing health wise.  The thing that finally broke the camels back was my experience at the Faiway Road location in Kitchener, Ontario CANADA.  On numerous occasions had poor service/quality.  I work not too far from that location and have a 10 minute break in the morning and afternoon.  I'll be only 1 of 2 guys in line and have to wait 8 minutes for a sausage McMuffin, but not only that after my sausage McMuffin is ready, I then have to wait another minumte for the Hasbrown to be ready??? Customer service is not a priority.  If you try to communicate with the managers and employees noby cares?  WTF???......  I left with my partial order for the third time.....  NO more McDonald ever!!!  They'll never make another dime off me or my family.

OK small issues here and there I understand, nobody is perfect.  But this goes on and on....  This is not the only location that I've had problems, it's chainwide....  Problems at Highland Road, Ottawa at Alpine, Northfield at Davenport, King at Moore, Ottawa at River....  The list goes on?  All of these are in Kitchener/Waterloo Ontario CANADA.  And for customer service, you can't even eMail them.....  They'd be in for a slew of complaints.....  If you wish to complain, you can call them on your dime using their 416 area code number......  **** Them......  I'm surprised the higher up management team is still employed by this company?

To all the employees and managers. CEO's, Owners....  Keep doing what you are doing....  Keep adding useless technology/screens etc....  Keep spending your cash, and loosing customers.  The sooner you close your doors, the thinner we'll be all be....
MeandFamily MeandFamily
May 16, 2012