So Unhealthy...

How can people regularly put that stuff in their bodies? It's understandable that people do, because their food is cheap. That is what's wrong. Junk food is so cheap and easy to get, and the food that actually is good for you is overpriced.

To the people who eat there regularly, do yourself a favor and go to a farmers' market!
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1 Response Jan 5, 2013

The government should tax junk food and subsidise fresh fruit and veg - the only reason they don't is that they're friends with the junk food producers! In the UK there were 2 campaigns at the same time - one to stop the government making a new tax on junk food (dubbed the pastry tax) and the other to stop them making a new tax on fitness supplements and protein powders - the government dropped the tax on junk food but kept the one on health supplements :-(