I have to admit i do eat mcdonalds, but i just drink the milkshakes and smoothies. Thats it. And i'd be lucky if i ate Mcdonalds once a month because my family hates it too because they know its unhealthy and we cook food. But for people that eat McDonald's every day or every 2 days? Thats a big problem. The people that does that, watch the movie Super Size Me. This movie is what changed my mind about Mcdonald's . It shows that this dude eats Mcdonald's everyday and sees how much he will weigh and how unhealthy he is. He was skinny and healthy but then he had a gut and his heart was pumping super fast. It really changed my idea of even eating the hamburgers. They are so unhealthy. YOu guys think thats real meat? Think again!! It's not. The frys are not real either. I saw this vid on youtube, and this guy got two big jars. And in one he put a Big Mac from Mcdonalds and frys. And in the other, he put a Burger that is homemade and so is the frys. Abut a week later? Guess what? The Burger that was home made looked really gross it looked like it was sweating, it was green already so it has to be meat cause it rotted. And then.... the Mcdonalds burger and frys looked like you just got it from the place. SO nasty! Its not real meat. Its just a scam for your money and body! People please cook your own foods and stop going to fast food restaurants.
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4 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I must be unique, I have never been in a McDonald restaurant. Many of the outlets in the UK are franchises, but alongside many fast food chains shopfronts, they appear tawdry... Mind, come to think of it, I've never seen 'Starwars' either...

McDonalds food uses "virgin wood pulp" in their food. The government has no regulation on it, so it's a cheap source to use. I don't see why not. Fiber is fiber. I like the fries. I will eat the fries. I don't eat it daily, or even weekly. At max, twice a month. But still. So long as you don't binge on it... it's fine.

Ya know, there are much worse things in life. I'm tired of McDonald's getting a bad rap. They are just like any other fast food chain. They don't FORCE anyone to eat and they do have healthy choices. It is the individual not the company. No, I am not over weight. If McDonald's did go away then someone else will step up. It is up to us to make wise choices.

Food is real i think but they coat it in a chemical, guy kept a big mac and all the "salad" and bread rotted away but the meat was still "fresh" despite being there for years.