Sugar... Oh, Honey Honey...

As a kid, I loved McDonalds... thought it was a rare treat, as my parents couldn't afford it much. So every six months or so, my sister and I were treated to an Happy Meal. And it was out happiest meal. :-D

But as I got older and could afford it, I realized how much sugar is in everything! It taste horrible! There seems to be sugar within the hamburger buns, the secret sauce, the ketchup, the pickles... Eep! It's like eating candied burgers and fries! Eww! :-/

The only thing I can stand to eat from this place is the Apple Pie, which is suppose to have lots of sugar in it. =p

And don't get me started on their "coffee". ACK! I took one swallow of it and had to struggle not to spit it out. And my response after I choked it down was, "Damn! I swallowed it! ACK!"... That's NOT coffee! It's dish-water, heated up, and made to smell and look like coffee! :-o

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Mar 1, 2009