Hate It

I used to absolutely love McDonalds as a kid and I have tons and tons of happy-meal toys to prove it. The McDonalds products were the last meat products I had to give up (well, at least so I thought, since back then I wasn't aware seafood could also be considered meat).

But ever since, I've grown to be quite disgusted by McDonalds. They encourage meat products so much and I, as a vegetarian, couldn't have a sufficient meal there. I have heard they put beef-derived flavor-or-whatever in their fries, and so I'm also reluctant about their so-called vegetarian products, like salads. I've also heard the hygiene they use in cooking isn't quite the best there is... and it just smells bad inside there. The last straw was how they've started to require that you purchase something in order to be allowed into the bathroom! I commute to college, mostly... and my bladder isn't the largest... and there's a McDonalds place in the railway. But I hate the feeling that I have to "sneak in" the bathroom. Sometimes, when my grandma comes along or visits, we go in for a McSundae (I don't think they have Sundaes anywhere else in my country and I like those), but even then, the smell is very bad inside (and it's often cold outside).

On another note, I've recently found a cafe in the same railway. After several free trips to the bathroom there, I've started going to it pretty regularly. I buy iced tea, soda, or hot chocolate, and bring a sandwich or something like it from home. They have good music and the atmosphere is very warm. Suits my tastes much better than McDonalds :)

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1 Response Mar 8, 2009

WOW! Must purchase to use the privy?! :O None of our local McD's are THAT bad... yet! <br />
And I agree with the "smell" thing! It's even WORSE at the drive-thru window! When they crack the window open to give me my morning coffee, I want to churl! It's NOT something I'm ready to face at 5:30 in the morn!