It`s Me I Hate , Not the World

i tried to be a good person, i did gave myself :heart and body ,completly and i got  nothing. was hard to open , to give . in my mind i thought  i will be paid with the same and go absolut nothing. not a smile, not a hug when i needed , not a warm word  in my ear to hear.i`m hating myself  for beeing me, for beeing open... i can`t never do it  again.

 i hate i was fooled  into it... i hate me not choosing the right one, now nobody will know who i am.

 i hate me for beeing me.
irinas irinas
26-30, F
3 Responses Oct 28, 2006

"I hate me for being me"...arent we just our worst enemies ;)

I have felt your pain, it will get better, it will get worse. But no matter what you think, someone cares about you. I woke up yesterday and wanted to kill my self( NO I wasn't planning on it, I just wanted to). And then the dentist that I have only seen once, called to say he had been thinking about me after I left his office, and wanted to be sure I was ok. Small, simple, yes to both, but a stranger cared enough to call me and check on me. And that made me smile. Perhaps that alone isn't enough for you, but try to find the small things a stranger has done for you...perhaps held the door, or said good day. Or just writing this for you, hoping it will make a differance.

Hey look, there'll always be someone that cares for you and hating yourself will not do anything to help. You will never get any care and love from others if u can't even love yourself.