Mean People Are A Poison In This World

I'm a nice and good person but I'm mistreated a lot. I gave advice and I was yelled at. I was bullied a lot. I can't understand how any one could be so rude and mean. I am slowly beginning to lose my grip on humanity and I trust only a few. Mean, rude and cruel people are a cancer in this world. The world is slowly dying because of them. It sickens me to see or hear fighting, bullying ect. It sickens me to hear how much someone hates another including animals. Do they really think it's okay to hurt someone's feelings? Is it funny to see some one cry or commit suicide? Is it a good feeling to swing at someone just because you felt like it? Words can hurt more than a simple punch to the face. A punch can heal, but the emotional scars from words of unfriendliness can last for a lifetime. Everyone needs to be kind cause kindness is important. It leads to mentally healthiness and prevents the existential horror of the human race. If only everyone were kind peaceful, good, understanding and caring. Than this world would'nt be such a bad place.
Cianna200 Cianna200
2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I hear you. It's hard to deal with hurtful people - especially when they are in positions over you.

It seems today that there is an ever present devaluing of the dignity of others. Couple this with a sense of entitlement and it's a recipe for a society given over to selfishness and hatred.

The only way to combat those that enjoy inflicting pain on others is humility and love. Even if those acting in hatred refuse to make amends, just the image of a humble and loving person silently enduring their abuse will shine the light of truth and reveal their cruelty.

Sticks and stones can Break my bones but words can stay forever