It happened today!!! I just said in a story about a week ago that a stranger can say something that I don't like, and it'll bother me for a while right?

Well what do ya know... i took my phone into Verizon today cuz storage on it was messed up, and the phone kept turning on and off over and over again.

I told the guy there that the phone itself wasn't that important, but the pictures on it were.

This girl came over and took the sd card out of my phone and loaded my pics to the computer they had there. Now here's what happened...

The GUY said "what's that sound?" then the girl said "it's a big rat!" Now there was no sound cuz I was standing right there, and there was no rat - that was code for RABBIT - the pictures of my bunny that that they werehad looking at on the moniter right when he said that. !!!!!

I love Jordan and would've been more then happy to say anything about him - even if it was a simple "is that a rabbit?" But no, they had to talk in code about me/Jordan while I was standing right there in front of him.

I didn't say anything about it because she had my phone and all my pictures in her hands, but I got what they were saying...and the rat reference is really what pissed me off!

So the point is, it's now 12 hours after that incident, AND IT'S STILL BOTHERING ME!!!
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I hear you. I'm very much the same way. I'll get pissed off by something that happened to my wife and brood about it.

The other day she was telling me about this jerk in a black Lexus that cut her off while she was on her way to work. She had to swerve into the next lane and nearly took out some poor guy on bicycle.

The idiot then ran and red light and gave my wife the finger when she honked at him. It's like this moron is telling the world "Get out of my way or die."

They are jerks. It amazes me how people can do that, especially with the person right there