Unfortunately For Me....

i must be honest. i am a mean person. no, not to my friends. to them, i am a beautifully sweet and funny lil girl. but my fam. now that's a different case. to them, i can be quite the ***** sometimes. do they deserve the cold, contemptous looks? the rolling eyes? the callous, belittling remarks? in my defence, its part of my coping mechanism against them and everything they do to hurt me. i admit, i've said some pretty horrible things. it tears at me later when i've calmed down. i think, why didnt i keep my mouth shut? and then i hate myself.

yes, i know some pretty mean-spirited ppl. perhaps it takes one to know one, eh?

BowsAndBones BowsAndBones
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4 Responses Jun 17, 2007

Because you have been hurt by other ppl you have set up a defensive mechanism that says, "hurt me and I will hurt you back!" It's the Flight or Fight mentality that is inbred into the human race. If you avoid loud and vexatious ppl then you will find that your spirit will lift.

i'm totally the same, normally i'm pretty nice but when someone ****** me off and i get going, ohhh look out. when it comes to ppl i don't like then i don't care, the meaner the better lol. but if it's on someone i really do care about then i totally hate myself later on. i need to control myself, but let's face it, sometimes that's hard! it's all just part of being human i guess.

Haha, right on. I can picture the pandemonium....

I wonder if it's a case of how we've been brought up ["Sonny/Lass, it's a dog-eat-dog world!"] , or how we naturally are as humans? If it's the later then those nice ppl in the world would be classified as angels! ;>