Aviation College

I was nearing the end of secondary school and had begun my 'applying to universities' phase.

So I came across this aviation college in dubai and thought to contact the admin of the academic programs.

so this guy picks up the phone and i start asking him proper question and he kind of speaks in a mean way by always saying ok thank you (he wanted to get rid of me ) and I ask him that what is the minimum requirement to join your university he says C and above. Then I say that in your website it is written a D and above then in such a mean and loud voice he says NO. Then I  said bye and kept the phone.


So after sometime I call him again  to ask him somemore question as, and I say how much is the tuition fees and by mistake I said 5000 again he corrects me in such a mean way by saying 50...50000, as if scaring me with such a huge amount. Then i ask him  when can i apply, he says after you get your results and blah blah. So i ask him can i send you my application and then later send you my final results, He literally sounds shocks and says "Do you think you are taking a gym membership here, and then start kind of laughing at me .

i kept the phone, I was soo angry and now i feel like S**t, he treated me bad i cannot believe that a educated person can treat me like this. 



eaphater eaphater
2 Responses Mar 24, 2009

thank you, u really enlightened me!!

Well, the admin is probably some underpaid ex-student, so he has his reasons to be upset. Things like that shouldn't bother you. I just laugh at their misery XD