I Hate Mean People

I just don't understand how some people can go through their life being mean to others.  I think these people must be miserable on the inside so they take it out on other people.  Well, I don't go for that!  I have problems too but I would never want to hurt anyone.  I suppose it is my conscience that keeps me from doing so.  Hang in there fellow nice people, don't let the mean ones win.  Kill them with kindness! 
Valentine Valentine
26-30, F
7 Responses Sep 18, 2007

The mean people just jealous because they hate other things in the world and they just going to be worser if they still hate people.

Well said, especially, since you have to work with them.. So annoying, but why should i bother? What goes around, comes around..

What I think is the most pathetic is when strangers behave rudly towards other strangers who have done no harm to them at all whatsoever. Yes, I have had a lot of random strangers say and act rude towards me and you know what I do? I just completely flat out ignore them because I refuse to put up with scum like that.

Well said!! :)

Heh my boyfriend laughs at them too. He laughs at me when I get mad at him. At first it makes me more mad but then I calm down. I am used to it now. It is better to laugh then to add more anger.

I just laugh at them. The more they try and annoy me the more I laugh. They hate that... it brings them right down to Earth. Don't let 'em bring us down!

Ya Gothika you are definitely right. I do try to stay away from people like that. All their negative energy brings me down and they are not worth it! It is better to think about your self at times and leave them be in their pitiful solitude.