Hell On Earth!

Dont know where 2 start dont get along with his mother she thinks I do everything ******* wrong and one of his sisters gets on my ******* nerves and theyre all ******* retarded its like they are pissed that they excist its getting 2 me big time!family get togethers forget it count me out I get along with my his sisters husband but he aint blood either so hes really the only one I can relate 2! And the guys in his family are perves and thats something I'm use 2 but damn theres a time and place not every ****** time they look at my boobs or are tryin 2 grab me places its ****** crazy the way they are so I keep my distance I stay at home or work so I dont have 2 see there ***** ever!!

diamond21 diamond21
Jan 14, 2009