Melbourne Sucks!

I have lived in Melbourne, Australia for 14 years and I'm totally over it!

I hate the fact that everyone who lives here raves about the goddam coffee! Big f***in' deal! It's just coffee for Christ's sake! I hate how only 4 million people have to spread out over 100 kilometres in each direction, so that it takes at least two hours to get from one end to the other! I hate how the public transport is run by about 60 different companies that don't co-operate with each other, so you have to wait for half an hour or more when you transfer from a train to a bus! I hate how that means I have had to buy a car! I hate how all the dorks have taken over the inner suburbs and think that they are now cool and arty, even though their cash has pushed out all the cool and arty people, who are now moving to places like Castlemaine! I hate how much the air stinks! I hate the ****** weather that is never consistent! I hate the constant background roar of traffic on the insidiously expanding freeway system!

I only stay here because I have a good, secure job and friends and family who also live here. I do like the trams and I like the old suburban shopping strips.
auntystick auntystick
Jul 17, 2010