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i ******* hate men...i know i am judgin all men by one man...but just for today..i hate men. way they lie about talking to other women..******* tell me the truth. i cant respect a man who is gonna tell me she was so hurtful, stalking him, lying to him, he tells me i am just lonely and need to get laid. i think i have feelings for her and i need to find out if we can have something..cuz i am so lonely...****, ppl dont change..i have been writing his little life story down as i have counseled him through the rough breakups...i wonder where, how i can get the story out there...his thinking/behavioral pattern is great. now my question is "how long will this couple last before she starts slipping back into her old possessive ways? How long before she starts attacking me like she did the two other major times before becuz she was jealous of his & my relationship. he told me "she doesnt turn me on and dont leave me i aint in my right mind, but i need to know if her & i can bring it into the real and i need to find out if the relationship will last." is it me that is jealous like she said? or do i just wanna hit him in the head for wasting my time and being stupid?!
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2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

ok..hes stupid and i changed names...i want to slowly fade from his life...without drawing attention to myself..i will always be Sassy Cat....so you can still call me Sassy or Cat...cuz Cat is my real nickname

it is just me or is he stupid?!