I'm A Guy And I Hate The Players And The Game Itself.

so As you know i've been on EP for about 4 years now. When I first came here I was a feminine guy who was writing about all the **** that bothered me about male femininity sterotypes. I wrote quite a bit back in the day and before long when I came to this site I met my high school friend again after some time and me and her hit it off and we got really really close. I was the yin to her yang and hunting away back to florida for the longest time. Low and behold two years in and I couldn't find my way and this guy shows up in her life and plays her like a deck of cards and tries to find someone better while dating her.  He plays hot and cold and feigns disinterest when he's desperate for her.  I know what he's doing i've seen in a thousand times before it's old push pull method of pushing her away more than you pull her in ward. Be erratic, be unpredictable. That's the traditional way to get a girl. I couldn't have her because she was so far away and i had been relocated but this was a screwball in the middle of it. I kept thinking he'd go away but now here we are she left him a year ago and just recently she's right back with him. I'm blocked

i was told among other things she feels smothered and doesn't deal wtih it. While this has been happening i've been trollishly  keeping this nice guy (TM) friend of mine around because he's not really so nice and somehow he manages to get women into him every so often and i've learned in time that when they get sick of him they end up interested in me. I've tohught about it but I don't like them very much. me and my girl  just felt like two halves of the same greater piece both beautiful and whole with out each other but together we were a synergy greater than the sum of our parts. now I got screwed and i'm thinking I'm the ONLY one that clearly would have walked through the fire and what are you going do when his promises turn to dust? 

i've finally figured something out though from my STUPID nice guy friend in that all of his ex girlfirends like me cause I called him on his **** for not really truly being nice. it's a long story. but I talk to his exes like once every month or few months. Every last one has admited being interested in me. If only... I can sit here and keep him around and slowly poach his ex girlfriends off him. I realized that but i don' ....i could take any of them or leave them.

i realized though that the infrequency of my contact with this women adn my tepid interest in them had only made them want me more.. and I wanted to throw up at that point... Here I was willing to give it all away for the one and  everyone who could NEVER have me was trying to tear my clothes

I'm tired of it all. I'm in recovery and maybe that's why i'm pissed at the game itself. Maybe there's some beauty in this drama but i'm ont seeing it tonight and I blame, sadly enough, men.


why can't we just be straight forward and say what we want?

ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Nov 28, 2012