Don't Look to Them For Support...

 My mother in law just died, Ive had a delayed reaction to this and after a huge arguement over the phone I suddenly begin to cry realising I am grieving. I message my husband that I feel like Im falling apart and that I am having a delayed reaction among other feelings. I also message a good friend too. I get a message back from her first with supporting words and a' ill be over soon to be with you"  . Then I get a message from him " I love you dear". then nothing. A message arrives a bit later " do you love me yet? ". SO what happend to the support?  Maybe I should be happoy he has told me he loves me. Its almost like he doesnt understand how I am feeling ...... wait ! he has no idea how I am feeling because he is male and is only worried about himself ..... AAHHHHH ! Stupid males!!!!!

secretbunny secretbunny
1 Response Oct 16, 2008

this makes me think of a time in my life when the man i was involved with had zero support for me. in the span of a week and a half, i lost an uncle, aunt and my dog. he swore that he was going to attend the funerals with me and be there for me and my family because he cared so much. needless to say, he wasn't there, couldn't be found to go to the funerals. good friends have always been there for me much quicker and more consistently than any guy i've known.