Most Men Are't Bad

I had two bad marriages but I was young and inexperienced and married each of these imperfect guys when I was still a teenager. I already knew each of these guys was  emotionally abusive but had very low self esteem. I know how it can seem that they're ALL untrustworthy though.

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1 Response Nov 24, 2008

Keep the Love. You are not wrong about that at all. But...Try this on for size...Remember to keep on treating others the way you wish to be treated. THEN.... Start practicing some real deep self-Love. ( From the inside out) You have the Breath of Life and Love inside you - like we all do. Remember to Love, Protect and Share it with & for yourself & others. Also do the same for the Temple your Breath of Life & Love resides in ..Your Body... Once you can do this the universe will forgive your transgressions. Your life will take on better choices and outcomes. If Love does not reside in the can you expect others to Love you??? Keep trying Your Creator has things in control more than you think.<br />
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LOVE & HUGS, livingwell <br />
with True Love for Yourself...