It's a man orientated world out there and it drives me crazy. Some men can be nice and when they are nice they are super nice and you should never let that go or take it forgranted, they are real gems. But other men, and unfortunately i rekon the population of scumbag men is growing..certainly where i come from. A lot of men only have on their mind sex, sex, sex. And the media and our everyday lives cater for them and men are getting women handed to them on a plate, as if they were a piece of meat.

 This isn't teaching them to respect women, their feelings, thoughts and treat them properly as one individual to another. It is placing a price tag on women. Use and abuse. And to be honest some women aren't helping, flaunting themselves. It'll only end in tears and when someone gets hurt it'll be more than likely them. I wish the old courting days could come back because you could sign me up any day, i'd far rather gain a best friend first and then a lover. Relationships SHOULD last and yet now a days so many of them don't. I have no experience but from what i can gather it would be far better to save up for something worth while :)

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:) that's beautiful lucifer :)

I've seen the love my eldest sister shares with her husband. I have hope it will come back to life again. People just need to realize that it's not all about how you appear and look to others, but how one person amidst the entire crowd truly feels and thinks about you.

I hope not..although i would love change :) i'd like to see a world where true love and happy endings don't just exist in fairytales and tales of old :)

It's not so much a man's world as it is a world that no longer cares for itself. Think about it, it's not just women flaunting themselves; men do it too. More emphasis is placed on how attractive you need to be, or how masculine you appear, to get the hot chick or man. Not how both compliment the other. So it is a world that cars not for chivalry and a deeper sense of love and relationship. And in that flaw, it will fall one day.

all these things are true, i guess now we have to hope it will be addressed :)