Why I Do Hate Men!


My husband loves me so much!  He has wished death and suicide on me. Why? I caught him talking to an ex barfly he dated. Of course he denied it all.  Even thought  I busted him red handed. He has caused me so much pain that I had a nervous breakdown 2 1/2 years ago. I said no man will take me there again. But , like a love crazed fool, I took him back. He claimed he never  slept with the barfly. The barfly  that would have sex in the bathrooms with men for a beer. Her bathroom buddies she called them. To make all matters worse!  He son was injured in Afgan. He hit an IED and almost died along with  4 other men in the humvee. So, he goes to Walter Reed hospital for a week. When he got back I noticed he was hiding his phone... So, Like the detective that I am, I looked up the phone records. Sure enough he was talking to a woman from Alabama. I called her! She claimed she new" Steve" my husband from Washington Dc. They had been texting for weeks. He didnt tell her he was married, told her she knew his brother was blown up, and that he had to leave because his daughter was hit by a car... The truth... he doesnt have a brother, his daughter not only didnt get hit by a car,  she doesnt talk to him. So, when I confronted him he claimed she was from the support group helping people out. Some support they give!!! He claimed he told her his daughter was hit because the group kept bugging him to go with them... ok! I would have belived that except where did the brother come into play? .I cannot believe he used what happenend to his son to meet this woman! I guess I never really knew him at all. He thinks I'm so stupid !  I have seen his emails in the past where he signed up for dating sites. He claimed he didnt and that they fill the information out automatically. So, being the sweetheart I AM . I changed his profile as single making under 25,000 a year added a pic and said he was gay looking for fun! No responses! lol  He did get them from gold diggers when he claimed he made over $ 100.000.00 a year. Which is another lie! Funny i thought he was the one. They all lie and deceive us. Everyone thinks he's mr. nice. Little do they know. He has everyone fooled,but I know better!

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3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

he sounds like an immature *****, to say the least. How old is he, and what's his zodiac sign? If you don't mind my asking..just curious.

your husband is foul to put it nicely. i'm so sorry you have to put up with a man like this. good argument for being and staying single.

Pammy, You may be with the wrong guy. <br />
It seems to me that the war between the sexes is well underway. Women wanted power which they have now got and men have lost their roles. It's a recipe for social chaos. Some women abuse their newly-found power and cheat and lie and some men well, just cheat and lie. Many of us have become the victims and the products of this vast social experiment - we are confused and lonely. This is not the way it was meant to be and it saddens me.<br />
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I think what we all need is unconditional love. How about sitting down with your husband and talking about things? How about deciding together what you really want from your relationship?