My Dad... And My Wife, And Us.

My dad's abusive towards my mum... He's just not fair, at all. He makes her clean, prepare food, do his laundry, do his ironing, EVERY THING. He hits her, makes her bleed, prevents her doing the thing she loves (play the piano), is a constant CHILD.

I help my mum with the chores, and I try to make my brother understand the meaning of teamwork and make him do some (Oh no, am I becoming like my dad, giving out orders?? I try to be reasonable, but he hates it sometimes) Beacuse in my opinion, a family is a team, and there is no 'i' in team.

But I guess my dad the bastard sees a podium with him at the top, and my mum at the bottom. Men at the top, women at the bottom.

I don't know what to do... Just live with him for now, while my mum (and brother too, due to their bad relationship and my dad's childishness) suffers until either one dies (since they're poor with a declining balance, and absolutely doesn't believe in divorce thanks to stupid religion.).

Besides that, I'm just hoping that he wasn't in a similar situation like me when he (talking about my dad )was younger (who swore to never be like his abusive father, but relented), and that my brother and I don't live to be like him.
tictaco tictaco
18-21, M
Jan 10, 2011