As A Child, I Learned How Not To Be...

as a young child, I was in a household with an abusive father> when I was 8, my mother took my hand
& we walked permanently away mother put herself through school while working & raising me,
she was a great woman... I have never voluntarily spoken with or met my biological father since then >
i am 52 years old.. to this day, i Still have hostility issues with males, i see only women as capable friends.

'Rage Against The Male'

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I suffered the same Im sorry - but now I am a single mom of two girls and somewhat normal. Please write me if you need to talk involved 2 victims, wasn't a matter of 'rescuing' me solely or anything associated with only an ideal of heroic action - it was survival, doing what is necessary at a given time....

Bravo. Your Mother deserves your praise. It is nice to see that you appreciate her strength. And nice to know that she had that strength to rescue her child from a bad situation.

...fortunately for me I ALSO learned, by observation, how to convert negative feelings into energy used for positive endeavors, also thanks to my mother :)

she is the overwhelming *Positive* created from a negative environment :)

Your mum sounds like an amazing woman