Real Men Do Not Abuse

This may sound silly coming from a little ol' CD/TV like myself, but here goes....

A man, who is secure in himself does not resort to violence against his own family for ANY reason. That violence should be reserved for anyone wishing to cause them bodily harm.

Despite my own father being abusive, I was still taught not to abuse others, mostly by my mom.

ANY man who would lay his hand on a woman or a child, unless they came at him with deadly force, is not by any definition, a man.
He is a cowardly, insecure little boy. If ANY man ever laid a finger on a member of my family, or on one of my female friends, he would learn a very dear lesson.
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You sound like a typical self-hating male;very shallow with hollow words.Your blind eye to the many misdeeds of the female gender speaks volumes of your character and who you are as an individual.FACT:the primary abusers of children are women.If it were not for the Manginas on that jury,Casey Anthony would be rotting in prison as I am typing this.Andrea Yates,Susan Smith,Mary Kay Letourneau,Debra LaFave--ALL child abusers and "cowardly",using your own words.Because they are ALL female,they were not punished nearly severely enough ! I also question why your mother would even remain with an abuser husband potentially putting herself & her son in harms way.If she had any degree of real intelligence,she would have taken her son far,far away from him--period ! Also,save yourself the time & effort in posting a reply,because I DO NOT respond back to people who are fixed in their opinions and who are very closed-minded--and yes,your story does sound silly.

Bravo, well said and I agree...Never should this happen.. :) xxoo

Well-Stated, you have my virtual Applause !!

Up until I was 16, I had been abused and beaten up quite often in the name of HIS OWN WAY OF EDUCATION FOR HIS CHILD.Now I am about to be 26, and whenever I recall something about my dad, very first thing comes to my head is abusive violent father who cheated on my mom.<br />
I am in full accord with what you've written here...