Stupid Or Just Plain Mean?

The men who abuse women, the first thing I think is that every man thinks women aren't strong enough! Well you know that's just some bullshit! And even children! They could fight back! Or they could tell a teacher or relative! Still they can fight back! That is if the man says if someone tells he'll kill them or Mommy. It's sick what men will do to get what they want.
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1 Response May 21, 2012

I understand what you mean but not all men are like that, most care for their wives, my dad would walk through fire for my mom, I would walk through barbed wire for my future girlfriend. I hate it when men like that ruin the good men as well. Though it's more awful what they actually do so it's kinda understandable... But you know, women abuse men too you know.<br />
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But I do agree with you, most men suck. Women are strong, maybe stronger than most men.