Abusive Brother(what The Hell Is Wrong With My Parents?)

it is very difficult to hate my brother every time he beats me when every time he beats the crap out of me two days after crying and complaining he has this power over me that i seem to like him again.hes my brother i love him that much that when he hits me and a few hours after he wpould say sorry and then he gives me an ice for my black-eye.then im ok. i can say that i verbally abused my brother in the past.i was a teenager then and know i think he is having his revenge because he is very tall now and so huge.the saddest part of this is my parents.he also beats my mother but its just mild compared to mine(he would just push her and hit her in the arms).it seems like my mother has no control over him there was a time that he beats me again and again in the head to the point that my eyesight is affected for many days i cant see in a broad daylight because it hurts and it tears up.my mother just watched him hitting me and just stood there and saying "stop that'.all she has to offer is o have me ct scanned and i refused because i was so irritated when she said just tell the doctor you accidentally hit your head.when it comes to my father i just dont really get it.i can say that he is very gentle and ive never seen him beat my mother but when he caught my brother pointing a gun to my face he got angry and he removed the gun from his hands talks to him and i dont know what did he told him but i never got an apology nor did i saw my father punch him(id really wish my father punched him in the face).there was one time i suggested my mother to call the police when im full with bruises and he hit my head many times on our cemented floor with his full force but all she did is call my father and promised me to call the police later and then the day after looks like nothing happened.i know they will never call the police because our family is kinda well known in our place and they are scared of scandals maybe.i experienced it all blackeyes sores migraines bleeding nose etc.i want to hate him to the point that i wont be afraid to report to the authorities and just ignor my parents.
vittoria77 vittoria77
22-25, F
Sep 22, 2012