Another Victim Of Child Sexual/Emotional Abuse

A young woman who has a popular channel as a beauty guru on YouTube uploaded a very frightening and horrible video. I only noticed and watched this today. It was featured on The Young Turks channel. This is where I saw it. I have messaged her encouraging her to file a complaint with the police and file a motion to cease and desist. Or a restraining order against this man. This ********* is walking a thin line now that she is famous. Her public will not be able to just brush aside the evil he has done and is still doing to this woman.

I believe she should also file a complaint to have him charged with many offenses including child rape and child endangerment and child abuse. I advised her to contact a rape helpline and or the Attorney General's office to commence forthwith.

If you are a strong advocate for justice will you whether man or woman join with me in supporting her? Let us give her emotional support to crusade alongside
her and for every child throughout history and unfortunately currently who are being abused.

If you need more information just message me. Thank you.
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5 Responses Nov 11, 2012

This is a young lady clearly traumatized. I only hope she is getting help to cope with it all. What is it you think?

I watched the video,II cant shake the feeling that theres more going on here thats being said.

Hello her name is Brie Lybrand. On YouTube. Thank you.

yes,I will ,I would like to see the video

i would like to support, you especially if other children's lives are at stake