The Cousin Who I Trusted The Most.

I was 16 years old when i was raped by my cousin. He was my favorite cousin. I hardly Knew him but when he came to the United States i got attached to him. I was so Close to him. The first time when he raped me is when my two cousins turned 15 and 7 years old. It was me and the rapost and y 15 yrs old cousin. Me and the rapist was watching the 15 year old cousin playing a soccer game on the p3p. When my cousin left i walk close to a window. Then the rapist came right behind me and started to kiss me and touch my butt and i said what are you doing i ran to the bed and that when he pushed me and pulled down my pants and he put his thing inside me and we went really hard. 2 mins later my aunt went upstairs and yelled lets go brake the piƱata . he pulled his pants and when down stairs . i was pulled my pants and went outside and i acted if nothing happen. I was sitting down with my aunt and the rapist was looking at me and i was all scared inside i felt all sick and i felt if i had butterflies in my stomach . i hardly can't walk i was bleeding alot. Then i heard my godmother car door slamming . i ran inside so hard as i can and i bald into tears and she told me whats wrong hunny and i said i got raped she said what?? i told her again and she said eat with me so i sat down and we started to talk. She was in tears.
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I am sorry that happen to you. Hope he was punished for his harmful actions.

That was horrible! Tell me he didn't get away with that... :(