Not The Fist Time And Why Did I Stay With Him.

It was july 7 2012
i was getting ready to go for a quincenera. i was so excired to go i got in the car and saw my cousin that raped me. then my best friend stared to kiss me in the neck so i turned around and kissed him in the mouth and then i stopped so my friends brother was talking to saying lots of things. he seemed pretty cool and all of the sudden we got the there. i screamed of exciment. when we got there it was full. 1 hr later my friend left me with my cousin. i was so mad that he left me with him. so me and my cousin danced a few songs . we went outside and he took me to a corner and he kissed me in the neck and said should we do it and i said no and he said why not? i said because we are cousins and he said so what if we are cousins i felt so scared i turned around and he grabbed me in the hand and i gasped really hard . deep inside in my heart said don't fight just listin so i did. so he took me to a back of a church he threw me down to the ground and i saw apartments and trees and i heard music. he pulled my pants and he put his thing inside me he went so hard and rough i said no to many times i wanted to scream help but i couldn't i had the phone on my hand and i did not called help. i was in shocked i did not want to do i heard his **** clappin in my vigaina and i had tears in my eyes.all of the sudden a cars pass by he stopped got up and he helped me got up and i cant even walk i couldn't feel my legs at all i got inside and i saw my brother and my brother told me if he wanted to dance and i said wait im going to the bathroom. went to the bathroom and i started to cry! then i went to dance with my brother. then i got in the car with my friend and he force me to suck his **** and he wanted to raped me but i did not let him cus i was moving to much when i got home i felt save and relived. but the sad part i got pregnant and im having a baby girl . im going to name her mia elizabeth.
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