Defending The Abuser???

My Mum/Mom's been with her partner for about ten years now. He's always been an *** to me, but I figured so long as my Mum was happy I'd suck it up. It wasn't until a few years later I realized he was being abusive toward my Mum/Mom. i don't think he'd ever hit her, but he's always been psychologically abusive, and it seems to get worse as time goes by. She lives on the other side of the country so I don't get to see her much. The last time I saw him for any length of time was about 21 months ago. He was having a go at mum. I'd had enough. I'd hadn't seen her for about a year and wasn't going to have any of it. So i laid down the rules to him in no uncertain fashion. He won't come near me now, but I still don't know how he is around Mum because she won't talk about it. She just says "he's been fine." I heard from a friend of hers that she tried to kick him out but she denies it. (probably because she knows something would be done about it if she did, and I think she's scared of losing the house, farm and horses. Any ideas?
slfsabtour slfsabtour
26-30, M
Dec 17, 2010