Makes Me Sick

how is it that i can't get a date but i keep hearing stories of men abusing their girlfriends or wives? i really hate abusive guys that treat their women like crap, meanwhile women won't give me the time of day and i won't even lay a finger on them. women do not deserve to be treated that way and while there is a man that's punching his wife, i could be kissing her. if i had a girlfriend i'd be cuddling with her and telling her how much i love her but instead i'm here alone writing about how much i despise these jerks. i really shouldn't be complaining too much cause somewhere out there there's a woman fearing for her life due to her husband hitting her. she can't even sleep cause her husband may strangle her or give her another black eye. it's sad but it's true and i'm sick of it. a real man should be protecting their wives not harming them. women are human beings. it was women that gave us life. they give birth. sure we do our part but they do the hard part and push human beings out of their you know what. women should not be treated like punching bags or objects. i hope this rant can change the world a bit.
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2 Responses Aug 20, 2011

i agree with you 200%

too bad i didn't encounter more guys like you! i too often wonder how guys, and women, like you don't find a special someone while the ******** of the world have them comingout of both ears?