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The Weenie Roast

I have been a member of EP now, for about 60 days, have made some wonderful friends and of course, met a few others. As I talk to people it amazes me how much abuse has taken place, men hurting their wives. This can be done is so many different ways, can never understand a guy that simply neglects his wife, does not want to hold her, hug her, spend time with her, that is a form of abuse, just in another way. Then there is the blatant stuff, where guys verbally tear them down, tell them they cruel and mean things. Well, I have an idea, let's get all these loosers together and have a big bbq, what would be on the menu, well, we can have some great potato salad, I make a great one, then some bbq beans, homemade of course, and for the main course, all these ladies should have the opportunity to whack off their mans weenie, put it on the bbq and cook it to perfection. Just a thought. Men, if you haven't hugged your wife today, think today would be a great day to make a change while you still can
romanticdreams romanticdreams 46-50, M 16 Responses Oct 18, 2011

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Could we add some EP guys that get abusive and then get worse when you say you won't add them because they didn't read your story. <br />
Buy the way you have a good name you sound so romantic you have got to be a dream. Sure your not a girl?

Thanks for commenting, definitely a guy, lol. Have a great day

Very thoughtful & considerate post.I have been on ep for almost one and a half year now, but I haven't come across such a careful post. Thanks for bringing every male attention to this.<br />
<br />
deeply thankful.

Thank you Amrose, glad you enjoyed it

Is there anymore guys like you out there? Or r u a dying breed? I hope not. I'm in an abusive marriage. And everyday I will think of ways to get rid of him : poison, burn him while he's sleeping, the idea goes on.... LOLs. But i don't have the guts to do it....

So sorry to hear about your marriage and even more about abuse. Thanks for shring your comments, am not a dying breed, think there are guys out here that care. Thank you so much for sharing and my hopes are that someway, you will get out of this situation. This story was a way to bring awareness to a very serious topic

We need a lot more "MEN" like you a Man's Man not the little jerk offs that will never know the pleasures of being a man , sadly there seems too many boys out there and it's so refreshing to meet a man like you , decent and caring and protective, that's a "MAN" Thank you !

There are alot of boys out here, you are right, but also some great guys, have talked with several, thanks again foryour comments Nahdi, you are a sweetie

I don't think the losers deserve to have their weenies eatten. A bonfire of the Vanities will do! No one more than abusers deserve to be lonilier. All the abusers need to be matched with their likeness that way they can experience War of the Roses. People need to realize their own self worth and pride and walk away from the abuse. It can be done and there is places and people who can help if the losers keep coming after you. JUST WALK AWAY AND DON"T LOOK BACK!

Well said, thanks for sharing your thoughts, you always have some great ideas

O,M.G, i havn't laughed so hard in years!,(The name Bobbit springs to mind here)<br />
and what if there's any vegetarians present?, <br />
Will this mass dissection be by appointment only,?<br />
or will there be an "at will" choice?...because some audience members may be quite<br />
squeamish!<br />
well thats one way of dealing with many forms of abuse i guess, (my ribs are still aching from laughing),however i dealt with my form of abuse <br />
by way of the law, was the only way i felt i could at the time, just goes to show persistence and determination pays off in the end.<br />
best wishes karen

Winged one, glad I could make you laugh, you are quite right that some will be "Sqeamish" For those who are vegans, we can provide special food, obviously not what is no the grill, lol but some other items. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, loved your story once again, very well written

believe me i need to laugh some more, so funny though,i felt, and i can see by the response you have on this topic that many people would be only too pleased to participate!,or would like to think that they would but in reality well?..
thank you once again for reading my story...i will have to get some more writing done,i do enjoy it a lot.

thanks for your likes, appreciate that

To heck with it, lets throw the whole hog on the BBQ, why just the weenie? Whacking off the weenie, just leaves a weenie free pig. But the pig still walks the earth. Free to be just as nasty as ever. With one more thing to be angry about. Nope, I say BBQ the whole hog, and be done with it. I'll bring the veggies and my homemade dip. We can have a huge luau. Sing and dance and laugh.

Sounds like a plan grantmepeace, like the way you think, will keep you posted on the date, lol. Thanks for sharing and taking time to give your feedback. By the way, nice avatar, love the muppets

Date and location. Woohoo, looking forward to a feast.

Lol, will keep you posted grantme, look forward to meeting you, lol

I have my own phrase for what you are describing : "Being held emotionally Hostage". I hate that feeling, but I feel it EVERY day ! hugs & best of luck to you ! <br />

Thank you Suzy for your comments, that is an excellent phrase, so sad, it's sad that so much of this is happening. Hope the best for you Suzy, thanks again

What a terrific idea! Where can I sign up to bring my boyfriend? He is a giant ******* and I think that might be the only way to get him out of my life! <br />
<br />
I sit here with 2 black eyes and a concussion while 12 weeks pregnant and at lunch today he kicked me repeatedly in the back and legs and hit me in the back of the head again so as not to leave anymore marks on my face. And all because he didn't like my shirt (which a nun would have proudly worn).<br />
<br />
A roast sounds absolutely delightful!

Am so sorry for you Mel, we will make sure he is the first in line, will give you the date and location once it is set, lol. THanks for sharing, this was a huorous way for me to express my anger on this subject, thanks for being so transparent

It happened to me when i was pregnant with my 4th child. He hit me in my right eye and the glasses i wore broke and got stuck right in my eye missing the black iris. and another shard hit the top eyelid. When i fall he hit me again and again. I didn't realise till i saw blood dripping on the floor. I was horrified and ran to the mirror and was shocked at what i saw, thinking : will i go blind? How could he do this to me???? God protected me, the glass in the eye popped out but i didnt get help for the cuts cos i didnt want to get him into trouble. How stupid of me.....

It's a shame that men abuse women....abusers should have more done to them, than what you wrote, but it was funny.

Thank you Flutter, glad you agree and I agree with your thoughts as it should be worse. Hope you have a wonderful evening and thanks for stopping by and commenting

LOL I would never have taken my late husband, Russ to your BBQ! However .... I do have an ex who still lurks around. Only one problem that I can foresee. I will not eat his roasted weenie, no, not even with relish! Sounds like a great party to have!

Glad I could make you laugh Windy. Understand about your ex, am sure we can find a few stray dogs around that may eat it, lol! Will keep you posted on the date and location, lol.

Haha! Yeah! Let's have a winnie roast! <br />
I'll bring the chips, Salsa, and homemade Guacamole.

Sounds great, love homemade guacamole, will be a fun party, well, maybe not for everyone, lol! Thanks for your feedback

Great post. ...really luv it. You are such a kind and gentle soul....any woman would be lucky to have you. Sending you lots of hugs for this one!!! <3

Thank you my friend, thanks for your encouragement and friendship

Great idea! Probably the only way I would get to eat one again. Lol

We will get the bbq good and hot for him Carissimi, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts

Seriously though, thank you for writing this. It is very thoughtful and understanding of you to care about an issue that brings so much distress to many.

You are welcome, hope it makes people think about how their words and actions can hurt others. Thank you for your input, so appreciate it

Castration and canablism. <br />
<br />

Well, it is a "tasteful" way of dealing with the situation

I agree tell me what to bring...:-)

Will do that Diva, thanks for your comments and feedback, always love them